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With its vast territory, Naujan could boost of a variety of places and sceneries that would surely enthrall prospective visitors–from its evergreen wilderness in the west covering various grades of terrain, to its long coastline to the east which features a series of pristine beaches and coves. The town has what it takes to satisfy a discriminating visitor. The town is also known for its famous Naujan Lake with its placid waters and marshlands that teems with wildlife, even with migratory birds from other places in Asia seeking shelter in its shores.

With its core of crystal waters, cascading waterfalls and cool highland forests, Naujan is a true destination for those seeking fresh sceneries and adventure.

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The municipality has a clear indication of the strong tourism potential as shown in photos.
Other characteristics of cited destinations were as follows:

Baluarte sa Lumang Bayan

This site of the old watchtower was then used to give warning to the resident whenever Moro raiders were coming. The structure was erected at the top of the hill overlooking the bay and offers excellent views of Tablas Strait, the vast agricultural plain and the network of Butas and Lumangbayan rivers. The old watchtower dates back to the 16th century, and it is primarily made of limestone and corals.

Simbahang Bato

The site features the relics of a 16th century church erected by Spanish friars and constructed out of corals and limestones. It is situated in one of the oldest villages in the Philippines (barangay Bancuro) and serves as one of the monuments of the country’s Spanish Heritage in art and architecture. The ancient church has withstood the ravages of time despite natural and manmade calamities. The original roofing of the church, unfortunately, was not preserved. A small chapel was built within its walls creating a ‘church within a church’.

Naujan Lake

Naujan Lake is located 38 kilometers south of Calapan. Two hundred feet at its deepest point, this 80 square mile lake offers sanctuary to water fowls, whistling ducks, bats, purple heron, monkeys, Philippine crocodile, sail pinned lizard, swampoon, cattle egret, common grebe and the Philippine Mallard Duck. The largest freshwater lake in the province, Naujan Lake supplies the province and mainland Luzon with delectable freshwater fishes such as “banak”, “simbad”, and “banglis” – all gourmet’s delight. It also has three islets in its southern part that were presumably turned loose from the nearby mountains by volcanic eruption.

Naujan National Park

The Naujan National Park is located approximately 110 kilometers from the town proper. It features a wildlife approximately 10 kilometers from the town proper. It features a wildlife sanctuary ideal for recreational activities such as camping and fishing.

Pungao Hot Spring

The hot spring is volcanic in nature and is located about 800 meters from the two islets in Naujan Lake. It is found at the foot of the hills abounding with igneous rock formations. The site offers a good place for swimming and therapeutic bathing.

Naujan Town Plaza

The town plaza is located in front of the Municipal Hall and is one of the most well kept plazas in the province of Oriental Mindoro.

Mangyan Reservation

The Mangyans of the Alangan tribe mainly inhabit the reservation area in Barangay Paitan and Metolza.

Estrella-Lagarian Beach Resorts

These are located along Naujan’s stretch of pristine coastal beaches. These include Hafa Adai Beach Resort, RGV Beach Resort, AAB Beach Resort, and Cholie’s Beach Resort.

Dome Hill

The Dome Hill is 275 meters high and commands an excellent panorama of the vast agricultural plains and Tablas Strait. More so, it offers breathtaking view of Naujan Lake and the network of Butas and Lumangbayan rivers.


The waterfalls of Naujan are located farther in the uplands. These are the Paitan Waterfalls, Arangin Waterfalls, Karacha Waterfalls, Arambyaw Waterfalls and Taguan Waterfalls. These waterfalls could simply be described as pure manifestations of nature’s wonder.

Inland Resorts

Benilda ng Bancuro – Bancuro, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro
Marcos Farmland – San Agustin 2, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro

For further information, email or call:
Naujan Municipal Tourism Office

Tel. No: (043)208-3177


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