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Economic Profile



As of year 2000, 29,009 or 54.94% hectares of Naujan’s total area of about 52,804.15 has. Was devoted to agriculture. About 25.78% of these agricultural lands were devoted to rice farming. The municipalities remain as the province’s top producer of rice with a total production of 52,845.19 metric tons in 1999.

Other agricultural crops grown in the municipality are corn, industrial crops such as coconut, coffee, and blackpepper; permanent crops such as calamansi, banana, rambutan and lanzones; and temporary crops such as vegetables and rootcrops.


Based on the livestock inventory of 2000 by the Office of the Municipal Agriculture, there are 4,000 heads of carabao, 3,100 heads of cattle, 7,000 heads of swine, 2,000 heads of goats and 15 heads of horses in the whole municipality. The major carabao producing barangays were Santiago and Bacungan while the major cattle producing barangays were Buhangin, Arangin and Evangelista.


The total poultry population in 2000 reached 85,000 heads, 88% of which were chicken and 12% were ducks.


There are 11 coastal barangays as Naujan’2 major grounds. These are San Antonio, Estrella, Sta. Cruz, San Jose 1, Melgar A, Melgar B, Montemayor, Masaguing, Herrera, Nag-iba 1 and Kalinisan.

The major commercial species of fish caught in these locations were Tulingan, Lapu-lapu, Lumahan, Galunggong, Squid, Octopus, Kitang, Bisugo, Don Pilas and Manitis. The number of licensed fishermen registered in 2000 was 150.

In 1999, brackish water fishponds number about 368 hectares. There were about 50 fishpond operators reporting yields of 1.2 mt/has/yard/harvest.

There were about 108 fishpond operators with an average pond holding of 2000 sq. m. practicing Tilapia mono-culture as well as poly-culture of Hito, Dalag and Tilapia.


As per reported by Permits and License Division, there are 795 Commercial Establishment in 2000 which employed 668 people


The total number of Industrial Establishments in 2000 registered 153, majority of which are rice mills.

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