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Infrastructure & Utilities

Roads and Bridges

The total length of roads in the municipality was put at 308.49 kilometers as of 1997. Almost 63 percent of these were classified as provincial roads and a very small segment were categorized as municipal.

Public Transport

The inter-municipal shuttle-van plying the Calapan to the southern part of Oriental Mindoro route provides the long-distance transport requirement of Naujan. Jeepneys, on the other hand, service shorter inter-municipal as well as inter-barangay requirements. Intra-municipal movement is augmented by tricycles and motorcycles.

Water Facilities and Services

The primary water source of Naujan is the free flows of Barangay Santiago. It is extracted and distributed by the Naujan Water District (NWD) with an estimated capacity of 2,000 connections. The NWD currently serves some 494 households in barangay Santiago and the Poblacion area. It is expanding its service area to cover some barangays of District 3 to 5. Other water sources are free flows and springs located mostly in the barangays of District 6, 7 and 8.


The Oriental Mindoro Electric Cooperative (ORMECO) supplies the electricity needs of Naujan with a total generation of 26.8 megawatts. The cooperative-run mini-hydro plant is located in barangay Paitan. Data from ORMECO reveals that there is a total of 10,965 house connections as of January 2004.

The barangay of Sta. Cruz and the Poblacion area are fully energized. There are 50 partially energized barangays and the rest are not energized. Unenergized barangays are usually located in Districts 4 and 8.


Telephone services are provided by the Philippine Association of Private Telephone Company (PAPTELCO) which covers seventeen barangays mostly located in Districts 1, 2 and 5.

Residential connections account for the largest share of connections at 79.33 percent, while commercial connections have 13.46 percent share of the connections. Government offices have 7.21 percent of the total connections. There are 516 connections in the municipality of which Poblacion 1 has the most number.

SMART, GLOBE and SUN mobile network services installed their transmission towers in various strategic barangays providing greater access for communication in the municipality. The introduction of Broadband Services has paved the way for the establishment of some Internet Cafes which are mostly located in the Poblacion area.

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